Career First Academy

To set our students on the most profitable paths to achieving their goals, we enrol everyone onto our Career First programme. Students undertake extra sessions and enrichment activities outside of regular teaching hours in order to boost their employability and life skills.

There are talks from guest speakers, visits to companies in relevant industries, work placements, and a valuable mentoring scheme.

Our Career First Academy occupies a dedicated space apart from the main academy, with its own reception area and a workplace feel. There, students can pursue entrepreneurial ventures in our Enterprise Hub, learning first hand about the functioning and financing of real businesses. They can let their new-found technical knowledge take flight with a project that stretches the mind; designing a vehicle that maximises fuel, for example, or dreaming up a human-powered airplane.

Career First Academy allows you to:

  • Get work experience that is relevant to your chosen career
  • Acquire valuable ICT and office skills
  • Hear from industry speakers and attend masterclasses
  • Attend events and exhibitions with universities and employers
  • Attain professional skills and qualifications; in programming, for example
  • Boost your employment readiness with interview and project management skills
  • Gain enterprise skills and learn what it means to set up a business.