Careers in STEM

The future is yours. The UK is facing a critical skills shortage in all STEM industry areas. It has fallen behind in developing its young people to meet the demands of a competitive global economy. STEM Academy Tech City seeks to plug that gap, giving you the technical knowledge and rigorous education you need to become a valued future member of the UK workforce.

Did you know that, on average, graduates earn £160,000 more than non-graduates in their working lifetime? The figure is even more significant for STEM graduates, who tend to earn nearly £250,000 more (Engineering UK report, 2011).

  • Nine out of ten new businesses need STEM-skilled graduates
  • 72% of all UK businesses rely on people with STEM skills
  • In the next five years the UK will need 2m extra people working in STEM areas.

Source: Confederation of British Industry.

The variety of opportunities available to STEM students is almost limitless. You could end up in fieldwork or in manufacturing plants; offices or laboratories; schools or hospitals. Deep in the oceans or in outer space.

New and evolving fields of work include:

  • Video game design
  • Sports equipment design
  • Developing technologies to reduce carbon emissions
  • Architecture
  • Research into high-yielding plant varieties
  • New mobile phone, satellite and GPS (global positioning systems) technologies.